Friday, August 15, 2014

First Day Of School Student Tech Survey

Every year on the first day of school, I ask my students to take a tech survey.  That way I can get an idea of what kind of tech they have available to them at home. Important because we don't let our students take home the school devices.

I link to the survey in my blogs which are like my daily warm ups for each class. Students know to go to my blog first thing after they log in.  (I link to my blog in my classroom website and have students bookmark it.)  I use Google's product Blogger which is in your apps.

​Use these links below to see what my blogs look like.
These are in preview mode because I haven't published these POSTS to my blogs yet! What's nice about a blog is you can write a whole week of warm ups (posts) ahead of time as drafts, then publish them each morning when you want them.

In the survey, I ask students about their Facebook or Instagram accounts because if they can get on to these accounts, then they have access to tech where they can do homework or access content I'd like for them to review.

Here's the link to my survey so you can check it out.  Please don't take the survey as it is for the kids. Haha.

What's nice about Google Forms (which is the Google App in Drive that I used to make this survey) is that you can get a summary of responses in a graph format.


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